Social programme (included in the Fee)

Evening events

After sports, every evening there is a special event - ranging from 'Folies Bergère', through 'Horse Racing' to 'Christmas Dinner' and many more.


After the evening activity and 'hot chocolate', 'Club' is when our young people can dance and chat in a relaxed environment before bedtime.

Every day is special. The programme changes each year. In 2019, social events included:
  • Christmas
  • Soap slope
  • Orienteering
  • UV disco
  • Folies Bergère
  • Garden Fête
  • 'Campfire'
  • Fashion Show
  • 'So you think you can dance'
  • Crazy Games
  • Pool Party

Here is the programme on the wall. There is a wet weather programme just in case.

We aim to develop young people's interests. Our Sports/Social Organiser has a team of assistants who are who have been students then apprentices and so know what works. We try to create a relaxed and friendly 'family' atmosphere in which young people will feel 'at home' quickly, gain confidence and make good social contacts. We tell students that while they are with us, they can be who they want to be.

Freya can't stop talking about her amazing month with you. Thank you all for giving her this amazing experience and probably the best month of her life.

Hans - Parent & former student
Gottardi twins slaves