Young people like to identify with a small group. For sports and competitions, we divide the School into four teams. We call each team, a 'House'.
The 'Houses' have no physical existence.
Each 'House' is named after a school we have used in the past.
Each 'House' has been associated with an animal for decades.
'Cheam' is a dog.
'Douai-Elstree' is a lion.
'Hawtreys' is a crocodile.
'Mary Hare' is a hare.
Each 'House' has its own colour.
We provide a T-shirt in this colour at the start of the Course.
'Cheam' is red.
'Douai-Elstree' is yellow.
'Hawtreys' is green.
'Mary Hare' is blue.
Here are the designs for 2021: