School Life

Life at Vacational Studies is lessons in the morning and the early afternoon, followed by sports and then a special fun event every evening.

Freya can't stop talking about her amazing month with you. Thank you all for giving her this amazing experience and probably the best month of her life.

Hans - Parent & former student

Young students English Language Summer Course

Our age-range is 10-18. Our English Language Summer School students have language ability in English from A2 to C2. We do not take complete beginners. We employ friendly teachers with a CELTA certificate. Students can apply to be Mentors and Councillors. Those aged 16, 17 and 18 can apply for a small number of positions of responsibility as Sub-Prefects, House Captains and Prefects. Prefects will receive fewer 'taught hours', but will develop their English by using it and gaining independence.

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