Arrival and Departure

Our 2021 Course begins on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday.

Don't worry. We make it easy and safe for children travelling to and from Heathrow Airport.

For children arriving on Sunday 11 July and leaving on Saturday 7 August, we can collect students at Heathrow Airport, London (ALL TERMINALS) on Sunday 11 July (on flights arriving between 12.00 and 16.00) and return them there (ALL TERMINALS) on Saturday 7 August (for flights departing between 10.00 and 13.00). There is no charge for this.

It is quite usual for our students to fly alone. 90% of our students arrive and depart in this way. This service is SAFE and FREE.

If flights arrive earlier than 12.00, students wait for our staff near the Information Desk. If flights leave after 13.00, we explain the procedure and take students to wait in the correct area.

Please send travel information on the 'Agreement and Travel Details' form which you should complete and sign after you and your child have read the 'Notes for Parents' and 'Notes for Students'.

For arrivals and departures NOT at Heathrow on 11 July and 7 August or not at the times specified, we can make arrangements at cost with a taxi driver known to us. Here are the taxi driver's charges for 2020. Charges for 2021 will be uploaded in March 2021.

Children aged 10-13 must travel with a person aged 16 or older, unless the airline offers an 'Unaccompanied Young Persons (UYP)' or 'Unaccompanied Minors (UM)' service.

Children aged 14-19 can travel independently. We can put you in touch with others using the same airport.

Children with an Italian passport under 14 years of age, must hold a completed 'Dichiarazione di Affido' when travelling out of Italy. You must get this from a local police office as it is not available at the airport. Any Italian child under 14 years must be accompanied by a person aged 16 years or over.

If you need a visa (check here), please obtain it months in advance. We can supply a supporting letter if you request one.

We ask parents to communicate travel arrangements ONLY on our 'Agreement and Travel Details' form which can be scanned and e-mailed or posted. Please do not communicate travel arrangements in any other way – even if you do not use our services for arrival or departure.

At the airport

Before travelling, we send an identity badge and luggage tags to ensure quick recognition.

Our representatives will carry blue Vacational Studies' folders and will meet students at the entrance to the Arrivals Hall after leaving the Customs Hall.

Mobile phone numbers for staff collecting students on 11 July and returning them on 7 August are here. (2019 names and numbers. 2021 names and numbers will be uploaded in March 2021.)

If you do not take our standard collection/return service, but we make other arrangements for you (2020 charges are here as a guide), the driver we use is Dave Roach - Telephone in UK: 01635 44444 (landline and diversion to mobile); Telephone outside UK: +44 1635 44444 (landline and diversion to mobile).

Directions by rail from Heathrow Airport

Take the RailAir link (bus) from Heathrow to Reading Station. Take a train to Newbury from Reading Station. There are normally taxis at Newbury Station. If not, there are taxi numbers in the phone box near the station. The Mary Hare School is in Chieveley, RG14 3BQ.