Sports & Activities

Sport activities (included in the Fee)

The School has four Houses which compete in organised social and sport activities. There is a 'Sports Day' at the end of the Course with various performance activities such as dancing and singing. Sports are not obligatory. We aim to develop young people's interests. Our Sports/Social Organiser has a team of assistants who are generally former UK students and those with native fluency in English who have been students then apprentices and so know what works. They arrange a regular programme including: dance choreography, community music and singing, team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and baseball, and individual activities like tennis, table-tennis, swimming, etc. We try to create a relaxed and friendly 'family' atmosphere in which young people will feel 'at home' quickly and make good social contacts.

Dance and Fitness workshops (included in the Fee)

  • As an integral part of the Course, we have an afternoon programme of dance workshops along the lines of those at the MA+D (Monaco Arts and Dances) School in Monaco run by our former student, Stéphane Lobono. Instructors from MAD and our own staff will run these sessions.
  • Salsa, Modern Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Zumba and Fitness will be included.
  • The programme is aimed at boys and girls. The Fitness aspect will be varied daily.
  • The timetable will be structured so that those who are also into sport can participate in these sessions.
  • A link to the MA+D Monaco School is here.
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Extra-curricular programme (included in the Fee)

Every day is special and has a structure designed so that every student can join in. Among the activities are: Choreography and dancing; Orienteering – and many more.