Sports & Activities

Sport activities (included in the Fee)

The School has four Houses which compete in organised social and sport activities. There is a 'Sports Day' at the end of the Course with various performance activities such as dancing and singing. Sports are not obligatory. We aim to develop young people's interests. Our Sports/Social Organiser has a team of assistants who are generally former UK students and those with native fluency in English who have been students then apprentices and so know what works. They arrange a regular programme including: dance choreography, community music and singing, team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and baseball, and individual activities like tennis, table-tennis, swimming, etc. We try to create a relaxed and friendly 'family' atmosphere in which young people will feel 'at home' quickly and make good social contacts.

Dance and Fitness workshops (included in the Fee)

  • As an integral part of the Course, we have an afternoon programme of dance workshops along the lines of those at the MA+D (Monaco Arts and Dances) School in Monaco run by our former student, Stéphane Lobono. Instructors from MAD and our own staff will run these sessions.
  • Salsa, Modern Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Zumba and Fitness will be included.
  • The programme is aimed at boys and girls. The Fitness aspect will be varied daily.
  • The timetable will be structured so that those who are also into sport can participate in these sessions.
  • A link to the MA+D Monaco School is here.
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Extra-curricular programme (included in the Fee)

Every day is special and has a structure designed so that every student can join in. Among the activities are: Choreography and dancing; Orienteering – and many more, including:

Rugby Skills

RUGBY SKILLS – for those into sport (and for those who are not…)

RUGBY SKILLS – an introduction to tactics, techniques and the rules of the sport by a Level One rugby union coach.

This qualification is recognised as the industry standard Level One qualification for coaching rugby union by the national governing bodies for rugby union in England, Wales and Scotland. (No charge; no commitment; we shall TRY to take everyone, but may be 'first come, first served'):

This Rugby Skills programme is in addition to our full sports and entertainments schedule.
  • Darcey Daniels (former UK Rep and now Sport Assistant) is the Coach.
  • The sessions start with a very basic introduction (rules, basic skills required).
  • The basic skills are then built upon and practised with various invasion games.
  • Finally more technical skills will be introduced building on the players' foundations.
  • This will all culminate in playing high-pace rugby matches.
It is INCLUDED in the Course Fee like the rest of our social programme and we shall try to fit everyone in. We ask that this be chosen in advance so we can timetable it into our programme, so – to an extent – it's 'first come, first served'.