English Summer School Information updated: 29/09/2020 by Ian Mucklejohn – Director, Vacational Studies

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  • The £:€ rate today is £1 = €1.1280; the £:$ rate today is £1 = $1.3165. Details from NatWest Commercial Exchange Rates (see 'NatWest buys from you' column.) We can invoice in £, € or $ – whichever is best for you. We convert fees received to £ Sterling. If we need to refund fees paid other than in £ Sterling, see the 'NatWest sells to you' column).
  • The 2021 Course is from 11 July to 7 August.
  • Masterclasses will be held online via Zoom for those who wish to join in and will be announced here.
  • The programme arranged for the Summer of 2020 by the Sports/Social Crew of 2020 is accessible via VacStuds 2020 on Facebook - here. This is their grand finale.
  • The brilliant 2020 Prefects video is here.
  • Here is Anna Austin and here is Toby Douglass - our UK Reps in 2021.
  • Taxi charges for 2021 will be published by March 2021. Charges for 2020 are here for reference.
  • VacStuds 2020 T-shirts will now be current for 2021.
  • This is the list of those in the Sports/Social Crew 2020 issued on 27 February 2020. We hope for a similar line-up in 2021 and will publish this in February 2021.
  • We were successfully inspected by The British Council in the summer of 2019. Their report: 'Strengths were noted in the areas of student administration, premises and facilities, learning resources, academic management, and leisure opportunities'. We remain Accredited by The British Council until March 2023. The report is here.
  • 'VacStuds 2019 All Over Again' - the video is here.
  • A major factor in allocating a position of responsibility is the date of application. The availability of positions of responsibility is listed under 'Availability'. When these positions are filled, an 'in-waiting' system applies so skills can still be used and responsibility taken. Many positions applied for in 2019 for 2020 are already rolled forward and filled for 2021.
  • A reminder that British Airways has changed its rules: 'The minimum age of a person permitted to travel alone on British Airways is increased from 12 to 14 years of age. If the young flyer is accompanied by someone who is aged 16 or over (on the same or a linked booking), British Airways will still allow them to travel. All young flyers aged under 16 and travelling alone must complete this parental/guardian consent form before travel.' We can help link bookings.

  • Vacational Studies 2021 brochure

  • Take a look at our encapsulation of 'The spirit of Vacational Studies'.
  • 'Masterclass Tutorials' will take place in the after-lunch 'Homework' period in 2021, re-named 'Digest'.
  • The new indoor swimming pool at The Mary Hare School is now complete.

    This is as it was in March 2017 (outside) and ...

    now as it is inside.
  • The Course in 2021 (as since 2017) is 27 days instead of the 28 days it always used to be. Under a new law, if a person under 16 is in the UK staying with a non-family member for 28 days or longer, this constitutes 'fostering'. The local Social Services department is then expected to have an involvement in that young person's welfare. Needless to say an involvement with a young person in the controlled environment of a British Council Accredited School was not an intended consequence of this law. The situation is easily avoided by making the Course 27 days rather than 28, so this is what has happened.
  • A School Council gives our young visitors the chance to express their opinions of the service we provide. A Councillor represents these opinions to management at Council meetings. The School Council in 2019 was run by a Head of School Council who chaired School Council meetings. Students can opt to be a Councillor. A Head of School Council will be chosen from among them. Councillor is a position of responsibility that can be chosen for 2021.
  • The MAD afternoons (click here for a Zumba) will be continued in 2021.
  • The role of Mentor will be continued in 2021 under the chairmanship of a Head Mentor.
  • Those who will be with us in 2021 should join the VacStuds 2021 Facebook group.
  • Those with us in 2019 should join the VacStuds 2019 Facebook group.
  • Those with us in 2018 should join the VacStuds 2018 Facebook group.
  • Those with us in 2017 should join the VacStuds 2017 Facebook group - and so on...
  • The concept of 'the Ambassador for 2021 - is described here.
  • Do you think you may need a visa for the UK? See 'Do I need a visa?' for help.
  • The Vacational Studies Facebook group membership is now over 1800.
  • Vacational Studies Alumni with a membership of 300+ is now on Linked In.
  • Prefects in 2021 should read 'Notes and History of Prefectship' dated 24 November 2015 in the section on 'Student Progression'.
  • My family's latest Vlog is 'Honorific Prefixes' – what to call yourself in England. Click here for a series of (amusing, I hope) videoclips that my sons and I are creating on the differences between English English and the international variety.
  • Take a look at our 'Vacational Studies is an investment for life' video.
  • Short videoclips of students and parents talking about us are here.
  • IGM's page includes observations on the Course.
  • 48 years of Vacational Studies brochures are in the 'Archives' section.
  • The photos on Shutterfly and videos on Vimeo tell the story of VacStuds.
  • One of our 2014 Prefects writes on 'Simply using only English'. It really is that easy.
  • Joe (Academic Manager) talks about our Task-Based teaching programme.
  • For those with us between 1973 and 2019, there's plenty of activity and old friends waiting to be contacted on our main Facebook page at VacStuds Facebook.